We live, breathe and thrive on results.

We will take the work that keeps you busy and drives you nuts and make it profitable. Yes, we make you look good and our work is pretty, but everything we do is done to improve the bottom line. We will develop a strategy for you so that you aren’t just tossing up any old stuff on social media or churning out the same old blog piece to no one in particular. We build relationships with key influencers in your industry and we work with the media that your clients follow. We make your processes streamlined so that you can be involved as much or as little in the daily marketing of your business as you like. Because we want you to get what you like.



The first step in improving your marketing is understanding your goals. What problems are you hoping to solve, what are your overall business objectives and what have your results been thus far?


Next, we step into the shoes of your audience. Understanding how you can satisfy the needs and wants of your audience ensures a strong, long-lasting and profitable relationship.



To promote your business, we build strategies and campaigns that are organized and cohesive across all channels, whether online or in-print, through public relations, social media or content marketing.


Our services are scalable and flexible. We can provide a simple strategy for your team to implement or provide you with a roadmap, act as your guide and provide you with feedback to show a positive return on your investment.


Rebecca Amesbury Batisto

Rebecca Amesbury Batisto

Chief Marketing Officer on Demand

Abask Marketing was started in 2011 by Rebecca Amesbury Batisto. With a background in both International Journalism and Rhetoric, Rebecca has an eye for developing creative strategies that help our clients to stand out in a sea of corporate blah.

Currently serving as our Chief Marketing Officer on Demand, Rebecca provides strategic services to international companies that struggle to maintain effective marketing departments. Her personalized services include strategy development; media relations; inbound, authority & content marketing; and tactical social media.

Rebecca is a creative powerhouse. She writes our 3-minute newsletter and loves coming up with unique ways of promoting her clients.

Little known fact: she thinks she can identify any dog breed. Go ahead and test her!

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