Blog post ideas for any blog

My cardigan for an idea!

Thinking thinking thinking.

Blogging inevitably shocks those that are new to it. They are amazed by the amount of time it takes to put together one successful blog post and then the time that must be spent pushing that post out to an audience. Between the ideas, the research, the search engine optimization and the marketing, each blog post takes an average of four hours to complete. And this is something you should be doing on a weekly basis at least in order to keep your audience coming back for more.

One of the most common reasons blogs are abandoned is the sheer lack of ideas. Of course original ideas are the best, but sometimes we all draw a blank and have to rely on a list of standards to help spur a blog post idea. Here we are sharing our list of ideas and some examples of how we, our clients, and our friends have used these ideas in the past. While you’re reading this, keep in mind the purpose of your blog and always bring your post back to that purpose.

5 Things

Write a post that chronicles 5 things about your line of business.

5 things to consider when developing a logo.
5 mistakes photographers make on their websites.
5 ways to successfully market a giveaway.
5 apps a blogger should download today.

How I can make your life easier.
Write something that entices customers or potential customers to call you.

Pruning palm trees without knowledge causes damage, PALM has knowledge…
You’re tired and deserve a vacation. Harbour View Villa can make all the arrangements for you…
Your company’s charitable ventures are all over the place, Kelly’s business can clean up your processes…
You’re building out your office, but are afraid costs will get out of control, 1020 Consulting manages costs…

How to …
A simple how to is always useful and timeless; however, it can be hard to be original and always remember to bring it back to the purpose of your blog. For example, “Here’s how to choose the right online platform for your business. Abask Marketing can make this even easier by handling social media for you… call us!”

How to handle complaints on social media.
How to finish your writing projects.
How to design a business card.
How to Boost Your Company’s Creativity.

Look at us posts!
It’s imperative when you’re building your business to show how good you are. Post pictures of things you have produced, anything that shows a level of success, and encourages customers to do business with you. Gdiapers does a good job of this by showing customers the human side of their business, regardless of how big the company is becoming. 

Your Portfolio/ Items.
Your office/ location.
Company Gatherings/ Parties

You’re an expert in your field, right? So prove it. Review things, but always make sure those “things” are relevant to your business. And be honest, but never give a negative review to something if it will affect your business down the line – a vacation rental might not want to give a negative review of an airline if that airline could recommend customers to stay at the vacation rental now or in the future!

Best of Brands: How does the Nike brand stack up?
Best of Brands: Ole Smoky Moonshine packaging design review.
Best of Brands: The Dodge Dart commercial, reaching the audience?
Best of Brands: The future according to Corning.

And of course, here comes our purpose piece: If you’re reading this, you’ve probably realized that it’s more difficult to write a blog than you may have anticipated. That being the case, why not let us give it a try for you? I’ll make you a deal! You let us write one blog for you for free and, if we get more visitors to come to your site than any of your previous blog posts, you pay us then. Drop us a line if you’re interested!