5 things: The secret to marketing a successful giveaway

The art of the giveaway

The art of the giveaway

We’re talking about giveaways a lot at this time of year because we see so many of them around, on Facebook and Pinterest and even in our email inboxes.

Should you be jumping on the bandwagon? Well, a successful giveaway or any kind of offer, requires planning. So, while you may have missed the boat for this holiday season, here are some pointers to get you ready for giveaways in the new year.

1. Know your “friends.”

I’m talking about those people that you’ve already done business with. These are the people you want to reach out to first. These people already know the value of your business and would most likely jump at a deal. And, even more importantly, you know them. You know what they like, so make sure you highlight specific aspects of your deal that will entice your customers to come back for more. This might make more work for you as you pare down your recipients, but it will save you in the long run. You wouldn’t offer winter boots to your Caribbean customers, would you? Getting the wrong message to the wrong people can lose a customer for good.

2. Timing is everything

You know your target audience and you know when the best time to offer them a deal is.

Think about what they might be doing while you consider your giveaway – are they in their car, sitting in standstill traffic on a snowy day while you’re offering them a trip for two in Tahiti? Are they back at work after the holidays feeling sluggish when they receive your friendly offer to help them get back in shape?

Here at Abask Marketing, we keep a calendar of dates that are important to our clients and we reach out two months ahead of time to “plant the seed” (January: help health clients reach their customers; February: help vacation rentals with their romantic getaway deals; March: corporate clients are writing their quarterly goals and budgets…). That way we can tailor our offers to fit your needs.

So, always offer your deals to friends first, but understand that timing is everything.

3. Make the buying easy.

Don’t make your customers jump through hoops. Nothing you offer should require more than one mouse click and no more than ten questions on a form. Obviously for a giveaway, you will have to collect information (don’t forget the contact information), but don’t ask for information that makes people uncomfortable and don’t expect anyone to give you more than 5 minutes of their time.

4. Help them help you!

You’ve seen it ten thousand times. “Share this on Facebook for an additional entry into our sweepstakes.” Ask your recipients to share your offer and give them something in return. The key to doing this is keeping it simple (see step 3!)

Here is an example of just this, done poorly:

This U2 giveaway is too long-winded. It should be so much more simple, and with such a cool prize, a bigger photo or more photos would help it to stand out.

Marketing Campaign: U2 Giveaway.

And here is how it should be done:

Erincondren.com sent this giveaway on Facebook. Simple, clean and with easy-to-follow directions.

Erin Condren giveaways

Using Facebook for a giveaway is an easy way to get new fans, and keep your offer contained in one place. Abask can set up any kind of promotion you need.

5. Wrap it up pretty!

Erincondren.com packaging

One of the things ErinCondren.com is known for is their packaging.

When you receive something so pretty, you look forward to receiving it again and the same should go for anything you send out to your customers.

Whenever you are reaching out to your customers, whether through newsletter or Facebook, entice viewers to read by making it pretty to look at. Going back to the timing – when we send out our Valentines Day promotion, we make it look like a Valentines Card so that we entice readers and let them know immediately what the purpose of the promotion is.


For more ideas on how to do a giveaway, visit our Giveaway Pinterest Board. If you would like help on putting together a giveaway or offer campaign, please contact us info@abaskmarketing.com