I love being in business for myself, but I hate that I have to be in charge of every aspect, including billing, payroll, and accounting. I feel like a complete idiot when it comes to business finances. I get mixed up with all the terminology, which can be very dangerous when it comes to tax season, but not with my favorite acocunting tool… 

Accounting For Dummies

The tool I use for my accounting is Wave. After several years in the business, I can safely say that it’s the best tool for easy billing and accounting, and even payroll! And, no, they are not paying me for this referral because the tool is free.

Have I tried others? I have! I tried 17 hats, but it was expensive ($45/ month minimum) and it had so many features that I didn’t need, and other features that didn’t fit my business exactly but couldn’t be tailored for me, that it became more work than it was worth. Same goes for a lot of the tools that do fifteen things – they don’t do all fifteen that well, so you have to start bringing in other tools and they don’t all talk to each other… honestly, just thinking about it is giving me heartache. I tried Harvest, which was good because it linked with a timekeeper so I could just send my timesheet along with the bill. But, my goal is to finish work faster and by billing hourly, I couldn’t meet that goal and make a profit, so Harvest wasn’t for me.

Plus, Harvest didn’t always get me paid. 

Then I found Wave.

Wave has saved my sanity. I am a writer, not an accountant. I have no desire to spend a lot of time with numbers, but Wave somehow makes it fun for me! The interface is clean and easy to follow.

I use Wave for:

  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Payroll

and the only thing I pay for is the Payroll, so if you don’t have employees or you don’t want to use Wave for paying them, it’s FREEEEEE for you!

But I haven’t even told you my favorite part…

“Check out Wave Financial if you are into getting paid on time and making your life easier.”

Clients can pay you through Paypal, by check, or credit card. Of course, Wave takes its cut for credit cards (0.30 + 3%), but here’s the truly GOLDEN part of Wave – it stores credit cards, so most of my clients are on automated payments and I get paid the moment I send out an invoice. Did you catch that?

I get paid the moment I send out an invoice.

If you’ve ever chased a client for months to get paid, you’ll know how valuable that is. Imagine being able to rely on payments and knowing exactly how much you’ll make as a base each month.

Other things Wave does that make me want to marry the software:

  • Automated reminders sent to your clients on invoices coming due or past due.
  • Gives you the ability to share access to your accounts with your accountant.
  • Pulls all transactions from your bank so you can classify them every week instead of chasing up checks and trying to figure out what you bought from Staples six months ago (you know who you are!)
  • Provides all reports for tax seasons, and if you use payroll, it provides all the paperwork you need for your employees.

Did I mention it’s free?

Check out Wave Financial if you are into getting paid on time and making your life easier:


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