Let us manage your marketing, so you can get back to growing your business.

In today’s changing world, fostering and maintaining a good public image can be tricky and time-consuming. Growth in digital media has produced the need for tailored and specialized handling of the message. Broadcast, print, email, and social media name just a few of the areas companies need to manage. Each of these media requires specific strategies and methods for effective communication to increase brand awareness and reputation and to build a community with current clients. However, as a small business, you cannot afford to lose focus of the drivers of profit and growth within the company. That’s where we come in.

Our strategies bring business development into the realm of marketing. Whether we are promoting your business online, in the media or at an event, we ensure that everything we do works with your sales funnel, steadily encouraging visitors to become fans, fans to become clients and clients to become brand ambassadors.

Abask Marketing was tasked with a complex communication project, focusing on illustrating both actual data as well as conceptual impact. Not only did they deliver a great package, but helped our team to better understand how to arrange this for future projects in-house.

Peter Hult
President, VIKAND Expert Medical Advice on Demand


By starting our relationship with a full strategy, we build an understanding of your team and the way you work with clients. We analyze your current standing in the marketplace and understand where you hope to be at the end of our project, or through the long run. Then we can design and implement multiple, customized pathways to get you there.

Our job is to promote you, engage with your clients and bring in more sales. We don’t just make you look and sound good. We go further. Each endeavor and campaign we create is based upon a personalized sales funnel we developed in collaboration with our clients’ efforts.

If you would like to see the process in action, contact us for case studies.






In the PR/marketing world where the clock is always ticking and creativity counts, having a team like Abask on your side is a real plus. Exceptional wordsmiths who are easy to work with and truly respect deadlines, I’m always impressed with their ability to leverage disparate and sometimes pedestrian concepts into winning copy.

Steve Bennett
President/ Owner, Uncommon Caribbean Media

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