I am also the Chief Content Officer at Abask Marketing. It’s my job to take the content strategies that Abask Marketing develops for Fortune 100 companies and turn each one into actionable copywriting that attracts, engages, and creates loyal clients.

I love my job. I can work from anywhere with an Internet connection (and my travels have taken me far and wide). I get to interact with some of the most fascinating business owners anyone could ever imagine. But, it hasn’t always been a walk in the park. There are ups and downs to running any business and, given the subjective nature of copywriting, this business can be tougher than others. So, I started UntangledWriter.com to share some of the things that work for me and some of the downfalls that any fledgling copywriter should avoid.


Really! No click bait or nonsense involved. I hate when I go to a website for advice and pop-ups are all over, so I don’t do that! I offer advice because I love to write, I love to teach, and I love to meet new people. Of course, I also love to make money for me, my family, and the community I support, but I know how overwhelmed (and possibly short on cash) new copywriters feel, so I offer different levels of advice to fit writers on every level:

1) my completely free copywriting advice column, with no sign-up or sacrificial offerings required, 2) my newsletter (still free) where I offer the next level of advice, like daily copywriting action plans, or 3) one on one coaching sessions that kick off your copywriting business quickly, efficiently, and without that horrible lost feeling.

Why should you trust me?
  • I’ve been where you are.
    I was the VP of Marketing & Communications for a multi-million dollar company before packing it all in to start Abask Marketing. I had a 1-year-old and a second child on the way. I was scared and excited and overwhelmed. There were some scary moments but I prevailed and I can help you prevail too.
  • I have the best clients and digi-buddies in the world.
    Whether I’m working with marketing teams at large companies or freelance designers, I love my tribe. I couldn’t do this without them. We are an open-minded, fun, supportive, and crazy driven bunch! It’s no accident that you’re here.
  • I’ve been a hot shot and a nobody.
    I went from being the boss of many to starting an agency by myself. For the first few months, I was talking through strategies with my dog! I was broke, completely overwhelmed, and lonely. Now, I am so happy to be helping other copywriters build and make an actual profit doing a job they love.
  • I’ve had struggles with clients.
    I was lucky to have a couple clients when I started Abask, but I was terrified of losing them. I took all the work I could get and my little agency started to grow. And then sink. And then grow. And then sink again… until I finally figured out my rhythm. I had to learn which clients were a good fit for me, and how and when to say “NO!” I can help you figure it out too.
Ready to become a copywriter?
Ready to become a copywriter?
Starting steps to become a copywriter

LinkedIn Profinder

The battle for good copywriting clients takes so much time that, if you’re not careful,  you can spend all day responding to requests and sending out lead emails and not enough time writing the content that pays. Our LinkedIn Profinder guide is a quick and easy way to reach new clients that are looking for someone with your skills, on the largest social platform for businesses, without feeling like you’re spinning your wheels. After all, how can 722 million people be wrong?

Copywriting Templates

Free Templates

When you need to write a pitch or put together a copywriting proposal, the idea can be daunting and incredibly time-consuming. So, why not copy one of ours? Click the icon and you will be magically transported to a library of content templates, most of which are free and available for use, either as is or with your own personal touch added on. We are adding to our copywriting template library every day. Click through to take your pick, or tweet us with a special request.
Copywriting Coaching

Copywriting Coaching

If you need a helping hand to understand which clients you should target, your skill sets, or where on earth to start, sign up for our free weekly course. You’ll receive an email each week with easy-to-implement workflows. The end result will be a library of emails to send out to clients, a narrowed-down client list, a tracking system, and a head that doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode!  This is an email series that I used to sell for $1,500. Math is not my strong point, but I think that’s a good deal!

Rebecca is hands down the most effective marketing strategist I have ever worked with. She has a way of getting the results you are looking for and is truly a pleasure to work with. I would love the opportunity to work with Rebecca again.

Bill Peppler


The fortune we acquire, whether financial or emotional, can only grow through sharing. For this reason, we have partnered with Kids In Distress (Kids, Inc.) to pass on 10% of all online sales to benefit children and families in need.

“KID, Inc. has always been important to me. KID is known for providing immediate aid to children at risk, but they offer so much more. When a family works with KID, Inc, they can receive the benefits of education to build a solid foundation for their family, physical and mental health aid and the support of a wonderful and loving community.” Rebecca Batisto

The mission at Kids In Distress (Kid, Inc.) is to prevent child abuse, preserve the family, and treat children who have been abused and neglected.



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