Aplicor, a leading provider of cloud-based business software. Aplicor covers all needs of growing businesses in one place, such as CRM, ERP and eCommerce.


Abask has experience working with software providers and their vendors. Our reputation for taking technical concepts and turning them into engaging, and understandable copy, without compromising our client’s credibility is what led Aplicor to us.

Almost every client we meet has a hard time seeing the excitement in their industry. Whether it’s construction, engineering, manufacturing, insurance or software, there is always a story that we can tell. We love the challenge of developing that story into engaging marketing campaigns. That’s how we help our clients to stand apart from the competition.


Aplicor chose Abask Marketing to write all content, for printed materials and online platforms. Each printed piece was targeted to very specific audiences so the copy is tailored to that client. This particular piece showcased the difficulty of growing businesses to manage inventory and accounting with accuracy and speed. Aplicor solves these problems and more with a software that can be accessed anywhere.

THE WORK: Copywriting for technology-driven organizations is a specialized art form. You need to be able to combine the complexity of the service provided while explaining it in a way that ensures the reader can understand why they might need the service. While Aplicor makes a business run easier, Abask makes understanding Aplicor easier!


Nutrition website copy deck by abask marketing
Spoon and Moon
MHG Insurance Brand Guidelines writing by Abask Marketing
MHG Brand Standards Manual
Aplicor Brochure written by Abask Marketing
Aplicor Whitepaper
SkillStorm presentation animation content marketing
SkillStorm Recruiting Animated Video
CWS website copy written by Abask
Cloud Workforce Solutions Website
Hernandez Construction copywriting
Hernandez Construction Company Introduction Package

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Rebecca Amesbury Batisto is a writer and CMO on Demand at Abask Marketing. She writes compelling copy for companies and punchy posts for publications, usually on the topic of growing a business while staying sane. You can learn more about Rebecca here.