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We create and implement marketing strategies for staffing firms big and small. We build websites and write blogs, articles, sales materials, white papers, and case studies. We develop social media plans and ad campaigns. We create lead magnets, leads lists, and email marketing strategies that attract, connect, and transform leads into clients. 

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Increase Conversion Rates

Marketing campaigns should have a goal and a result. Our campaigns attract more followers, turn followers into leads, and allow for quick conversion from lead to client, or talent. 

Reduce Bounce Rate

Recruitment Marketing is different from most companies. Having two target audiences means providing different paths for talent and clients through every campaign, journey and website. 

Drive More Traffic

Social media is a warming method, but not the fastest way to get hot leads. Through our decades of experience, we have mastered the art of driving traffic for staffing companies.

Turn your traffic into talent,
and talent into ambassadors.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I would highly recommend working with Abask! They genuinely seek to understand brand, goals, and see the big picture, to really get a pulse for strong, consistent brand management. They are fun and professional - can't wait to work together again soon!

Corinne Vaiser Cooper

Director of Special Sales

I worked with Rebecca for a number of years, first as an employee of SkillStorm/SGIS and then afterwards as a consultant. As a Stormer, she did a fantastic job of running our marketing and PR department. She set our marketing strategy and executed it through her team and by collaborating with a number of outside vendors. Thanks to her efforts, we were able to portray a positive image to our various stakeholders and gained national notoriety for the work we were doing. After we sold SGIS, Rebecca continued to work with as a consultant, helping re-launch our SkillStorm brand. She is extremely creative, resourceful and professional. To this day, she is still one of the most impactful Stormers we ever hired. She has my highest recommendation!

Vince Virga, CEO SkillStorm

The Abask team was given an unfamiliar and complicated subject matter to work with, and it was impressive how quickly they got to grips with it to the point of being able to put forward very useful and appropriate suggestions. They were able to explain their craft very well giving us great ideas together with some sound, simple advice. Rebecca delivered on schedule and is extremely personable. It was a pleasure to work with her, I would have no hesitation to work with her again or to recommend her.

Sheree Lynch, MHG

Ardent Eagle


Turning Readers into Loyal Customers

Turning Readers into Loyal Customers

Discover powerful marketing techniques to transform casual readers into devoted customers. Explore strategies such as compelling content creation, effective call-to-action implementation, email marketing, social media engagement, exclusive deals, SEO optimization, retargeting, and customer feedback analysis for a comprehensive approach to building lasting customer relationships.

Why Content Marketing Needs to Cover Every Step of the Sales Funnel

Why Content Marketing Needs to Cover Every Step of the Sales Funnel

Our blog post unleashes the full potential of your content marketing strategy! Discover why covering every sales funnel step is crucial for brand awareness, lead nurturing, and customer loyalty. Grow your digital marketing game and position your business for long-term success.

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