Abask is a copywriting & content marketing agency. Abask means “lying in the sun”  because we are based in South Florida and we help business owners reach their goals, which usually include getting to a point where they can take a break and enjoy a stress-free moment in the sun. But here’s the fun part… the name came about way before the business. Owner and Chief Copywriter Rebecca Batisto lived on a sailboat for 12 years sailing around the world and the name of the boat… you guessed it… Abask!

Get to know us a little better.

What is Abask Marketing?

We are an award-winning copywriting, content marketing and communications agency. Our purpose is to build our clients’ credibility, their customer base, and their brand recognition.

Why work with us?

You know those days when you feel like you’re working so hard and not getting anywhere? We are the antidote to that feeling. We help you get more clients with less effort! How? We develop content marketing strategies and PR campaigns, using a tasty recipe of digital marketing, lead building, and promotional tactics to get your business consistently in front of the perfect clients.

The Results

The folks at Abask Marketing have been providing clients with effective methods of marketing their services and products for eighteen years.

We have worked with companies both B2B and B2C, international and local, entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 companies; even the government organization responsible for the President’s Daily Brief. Our services are scalable; we can manage all of your marketing or one project. Either way, we take the time to understand your ongoing needs and the results you would like to see from any marketing efforts.

Our professional solutions not only take away your burden of time and stress as it relates to marketing your services online, we also assist you in positioning and strategizing your business through effective use of unique design, engaging language and trending search engine strategies.

Our company is built on two guiding principals: telling your story and selling your story. By hiring Abask Marketing, you can be sure of having acquired valuable partners to reach your ultimate potential when marketing your organization.


Our Leadership

Abask Marketing is the brainchild of Rebecca Amesbury. After 17 years of building marketing and public relations campaigns for some of the nation’s biggest and fastest-growing corporations, she decided to start the agency, bringing together some of the brightest minds she has met along the way. Since starting Abask, Rebecca has developed content marketing strategies and campaigns that have generated an estimated $92 million in sales. Sadly, most of that money didn’t stay in our office but went directly into the bank accounts of our happy clients.

Abask Marketing is an integrated collective, meaning that our own team is small, but we are part of a mightier collective that includes designers, search engine specialists, photographers, coders, and more. By setting the business up this way, we can lean on the best talent available and pass the savings on to our clients.

Rebecca Amesbury  THE OFFICIAL BIO

rebecca_batistoBorn in England, Rebecca was raised between there and the rest of the world, as her parents lived aboard a sailboat sailing across the world for 12 years. The name of the boat? Abask! After graduating from school, Rebecca left Oxford for the sunny shores of South Florida, starting her career with a PR internship with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Betty Williams. She moved from there to a corporate position with publicly-traded AutoNation where she wrote and developed the organization’s online sales training course – her first official online course and podcast!

After AutoNation, Rebecca ran the content marketing and public relations department for the largest real estate and development company in the Southeast. Her biggest achievement came when she was hired to build a marketing department for a start-up governmental contracting agency. From a revenue of $450,000 she helped grow the organization into a $110 Million company. After promotions that included articles in the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, and USA Today (amongst others), the company was purchased by one of the nation’s largest Government Contractors. After such success, Rebecca decided to pursue her own dream and started Abask Marketing in 2010. Her former employers became her first clients.

Still want to know more about Rebecca?
Still want to know more about Rebecca?

What should you do on this website?

Chances are, you’re new here, so let me give you the run down. You can use this site to learn more about our little company, to set up a free consultation, check out our entrepreneur classes, or pick up some of our freebies.

What should you do on this website?

Chances are, you’re new here, so let me give you the run down. You can use this site to learn more about our little company, to set up a free consultation, check out our entrepreneur classes, or pick up some of our freebies.

Our blog posts are focused on how to get your business in front of the right people. They’re pretty good reading (if we say so ourselves), and the advice is 100% actionable. Super simple to follow, usually with a checklist of some kind.
We have a bunch of downloads, white papers, and templates, such as our content calendar for free and some downloads that are less than $20 but worth every cent.
Our newsletter is written each week by CMO Rebecca Batisto. It’s fun and action-packed.

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