Abask Marketing is such a pleasure to work with. Recently we were facing a very large project with a very tight timeline. By the time Abask was handed the project for final edits, they were faced with an extremely aggressive time window to return the documents. They obviously worked thru the night to complete the project and returned a very clean, professional and thorough product. Their help was very much appreciated.

Paul Cozza

VP, Sales & Development, Cloud Workforce Solutions

Abask Marketing was tasked with a complex communication project, focusing on illustrating both actual data as well as conceptual impact. Not only did they deliver a great package, but helped our team to better understand how to arrange this for future projects in-house.

We are very pleased with the result and will work with Abask in the future.

Peter Hult

CEO, Vikand

In the PR/marketing world where the clock is always ticking and creativity counts, having a team like Abask on your side is a real plus. Exceptional wordsmiths who are easy to work with and truly respect deadlines, I’m always impressed with their ability to leverage disparate and sometimes pedestrian concepts into winning copy.

Steve Bennett

President/ Owner, Uncommon Caribbean Media

About Abask Marketing

Abask was started in 2011 by Rebecca Amesbury Batisto, our CMO on Demand. We are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but our client base spans the US and the Caribbean. We have grown in to an award-winning agency over the last few years as a result of the excellent results we deliver our clients.

We have worked with companies both B2B and B2C, international and local, entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 companies; even the government organization responsible for the President’s Daily Brief. Our services are scalable; we can manage all of your marketing or one project. Either way, we take the time to understand your ongoing needs and the results you would like to see from any marketing efforts.

Our professional solutions not only take away your burden of time and stress as it relates to marketing your services online, we also assist you in positioning and strategizing your business through effective use of unique design, engaging language and trending search engine strategies. Our company is built on two guiding principals: telling your story and selling your story. By hiring Abask Marketing, you can be sure of having acquired valuable partners to reach your ultimate potential when marketing your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We are a full service marketing firm. We offer everything from marketing strategies to public relations, social media, web and graphic design, search engine optimization, content marketing and copy writing and everything in between. For more information, visit our services section.

Would you work with our marketing team?

Of course! We play well with others, whether you have an existing marketing team in need of leadership or an outsourced team that need help with various projects.

Our clients SkillStorm come to Abask for all marketing needs, but our clients MHG Insurance Brokers lean on us to develop and maintain the overall marketing strategy, provide vision and graphic design and social media services, while working in alignment with their web development team.

What are your prices?

Unfortunately, defining our prices without knowing the project is impossible. Even the most measurable of services, such as a website, can’t be narrowed down as we have no way of knowing the specific needs without understanding your goals.

We have worked with large corporations and non profit organizations. We will work within your budget. Contact us directly for more details.

Why isn't your social media as awesome as your clients'?

AH! You caught us!

We believe in spending time and energy wisely. We spend 90% of our time promoting our clients and 10% on our own company. We have found almost all of our clients through referrals from within our client base and networks and those we have found through social media came as a result of one on one interactions between client and our employees.  So, that’s where we focus our energy. Luckily, our employees understand the power of their personal social networks and the benefit of growing our company. Do yours?