How Abask has helped companies just like yours.

Abask Marketing has seventeen years of experience developing effective methods of communication for all manner of business. Our clients include a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a Fortune 100 company, the US Department of the Army and even the government contracting agency responsible for delivering the President’s Daily Brief.

We have developed marketing strategies for every level of business: from an entrepreneurial start-up to a Fortune 100 company. Our success is easily measurable and the reason 90% of our clients become repeat customers. For example: In 2009 we developed a marketing and communication strategy that assisted in one company’s six-year growth from $400k to $110M in revenue and resulted in a very lucrative sale for our clients.

Our services are scalable and adaptable: we can develop and implement your entire marketing strategy or work on an individual project, alone or in conjunction with other creatives on your team.

Rebecca is such a pleasure to work with. Recently we were facing a very large project with a very tight timeline. By the time Rebecca was handed the project for final edits, she was faced with an extremely aggressive time window to return the documents. She obviously worked thru the night to complete the project and returned a very clean, professional and thorough product. Her help was very much appreciated.

Paul Cozza
VP, Cloud Workforce Solutions


By starting our relationship with a full strategy, we build an understanding of your team and the way you work with clients. We analyze your current standing in the marketplace and understand where you hope to be at the end of our project, or through the long run. Then we can design and implement multiple, customized pathways to get you there.

Our job is to promote you, engage with your clients and bring in more sales. We don’t just make you look and sound good. We go further. Each endeavor and campaign we create is based upon a personalized sales funnel we developed in collaboration with our clients’ efforts.

If you would like to see the process in action, contact us for case studies.






Rebecca was given an unfamiliar and complicated subject matter to work with, and it was impressive how quickly she got to grips with it to the point of being able to put forward very useful and appropriate suggestions. She is able to explain her craft very well giving us great ideas together with some sound, simple advice.

Rebecca delivered on schedule and is extremely personable. It was a pleasure to work with her, I would have no hesitation to work with her again or to recommend her.

Sheree Lynch
Director, Operations at MHG Insurance Brokers

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