Our Policies

This document is subject to change. 

Our Processes

  • No work will start without a signed contract and a deposit.
  • Each project will start with a kick-off meeting.  By starting off each client relationship with a strategic outlook, we are able to provide and maintain a timeline with milestones and deadlines.
  • For every project, we offer three rounds of edits. Most of our clients only use one round of edits. Following these guidelines when gathering edits can really move the process along and keep us all on track:
    • Only ask relevant parties for input.
      As much as we love your Aunt Sally, it is not necessary to ask her for input. Everybody that you ask will most likely have edits because they like you and you’re asking them to find edits so they will find edits… because they like you! So the more people you ask, the more edits we will have and the more likely it is that some edits are conflicting.
    • Consider the audience before you consider the words.
      When hiring a copywriter, it is very common for clients to consider each word, comma, and colon rather than the context in which they are presented. Our copywriters write persuasive copy that is intended to attract and engage your ideal client first, Google second, and media third. Our intention is not to get the best grade in English class. When editing we are hoping to uncover any major issues, such as broken links or statements that do not accurately represent your company. (Just to be clear: we would get the best grade in any English class, but your clients probably don’t care about that!)
    • We give three edits, but you can use as many as you want.
      You have three rounds of edits. If you need more, we will accommodate at our hourly rate, but this jeopardizes our timeline. We find most clients use one round of edits, but if you use less than three, it’s not a sunk cost. We will be moving on to the next section and possibly beat the deadline as a result!


  • Abask Marketing will gladly correct any spelling or grammatical errors at any time, as long as the original content provided by Abask Marketing has not been altered in any way. These changes will be made as quickly as possible given our schedule. After deliverables have been accepted by our client, should the copy undergo any changes by anyone other than an appointed representative of Abask Marketing, the copy is no longer covered by our guarantee.
  • No deadlines are guaranteed. Throughout our projects, we endeavor to meet all the deadlines set but we are reliant on clients to provide feedback and info at times. We can’t be responsible for a missed launch date or a deadline if others are late in supplying materials or have not approved or signed off on work on time at any stage.


  • Social Media Services will not require acceptance by you prior to posting. Abask Marketing will serve as your representative and post and respond on all social media sites without prior approval.
  • Our client is responsible for performing the following in a reasonable and timely manner:
    (a) coordination of any decision-making with parties other than Abask Marketing;
    (b) final proofreading and in the event that our client has approved Deliverables but errors, such as, by way of example, not limitation, typographic errors or misspellings, remain in the finished product, our client shall incur the cost of correcting such errors outside of our Guarantee (as laid out above)
    (c) monitoring of all social media sites to ensure acceptance of posts. If for any reason, you are not happy with a public post, all actions possible will be taken to remove said post from public feeds, but our client must understand that public information is digitally archived online and complete removal is not possible.
  • All feedback and updates will be shared through our project management system. Having clients all around the world has allowed us to put processes in place so that we can communicate and share no matter the location. This allows us to track work and our progress easier. With everyone on the same page regardless of time zone, we are able to move fast and meet deadlines consistently.
  • If we are unable to access necessary software (websites, social networks) this can hinder our ability to complete our work and meet our deadlines. If we are denied necessary access for 30 days, we will consider our contract terminated.

Payments or Lack Thereof

  • All unpaid work remains the property of Abask Marketing.
  • All projects require a deposit prior to work starting. A specific project billing schedule will be provided as part of your proposal, but we usually require payment in three installments: first payment will act as a deposit, second upon receipt of first draft, and final upon final sign off and PRIOR to the delivery of final documents.
  • Monthly retainer fees are paid one month IN ADVANCE. Monthly retainers have a three-month minimum. You MUST give 30 days notice of cancellation of your monthly retainer.
  • A monthly service charge of 1.5% is payable on all overdue balances that are more than thirty (30) days past the initial due date. Payments will be credited first to late payment charges and next to the unpaid balance. Our client shall be responsible for all collection or legal fees necessitated by lateness or default in payment. Abask Marketing reserves the right to withhold delivery and any transfer of ownership of any current work if accounts are not current or overdue invoices are not paid in full. All grants of any license to use or transfer of ownership of any intellectual property rights under this Agreement are conditioned upon receipt of payment in full, which shall be inclusive of any and all outstanding Additional Costs, Taxes, Expenses, and Fees, Charges, or the costs of Changes.

Use of Work

  • We reserve the right to use our work in our portfolio unless you request otherwise in writing.
  • All work must be used legally and ethically. We will never knowingly produce content, or work with companies that produce content, that is nasty, mean, or stolen. If you need more specifics, please let us know!
  • All artwork licensed for one purpose cannot be used for any other purpose.


  • Each party, its agents, and employees shall hold and maintain in strict confidence all Confidential Information, shall not disclose Confidential Information to any third-party, and shall not use any Confidential Information except as may be necessary to perform its obligations under the Statement of Work except as may be required by a court or governmental authority. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Confidential Information shall not include any information that is in the public domain or becomes publicly known through no fault of the receiving party or is otherwise properly received from a third-party without an obligation of confidentiality.

OUR CANCELLATION POLICY:  If, for any reason, you need to cancel our contract, please provide your request in writing. If we do not receive any communication from you for 30 days, we will consider our contract canceled.  The contract will terminate at the end of that billing cycle. All payments are non-refundable. All work that is complete, approved, and paid for will be handed over to you. Anything incomplete, any unlicensed artwork, or scheduled posts remain the property of Abask Marketing.