The Spoon and the Moon, e-commerce website for plant-based chef and entrepreneur, Lauren Lue
Abask Marketing was tasked with creating a website that showcases her talent, the fresh ingredients she swears by, and targets an audience interested in purchasing her products.
The look for this site is ultra clean portraying an aura of health and wellness. We wanted minimal design, spattered written content and splashes of color. The images are rounder: the buttons rounded, the icons are also rounded to attract the female viewer as that is Lauren’s target audience.
THE WORK: We worked closely with Lauren as this is a very personal site and wanted to ensure that her voice was heard clearly in the writing style. We created a spot to showcase her family (again attracting women) and also to state her credibility. Healthy eating websites are common but Lauren is highly qualified and that puts her in a class above most – we wanted that to be clear.

Keywords were chosen through careful research of her topic and her audience (as usual, we performed extensive buying persona studies), her site include open graph images that can share nicely on social media as well as meta tags and formatted copy for easy sharing and brand management on social media.

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