To ensure your logo is used in the way you expect, we can create a brand standards manual. This lays out the way your logo should appear in every instance. This document helps increase your company’s credibility and has previously helped two clients to sell their companies. 

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Hallmark Global Technologies

In 2022 Hallmark Global Technologies rebranded its company when it purchased several US technology companies. They came to us for a logo.

HGT is a global conglomerate and, as such, has multiple stakeholders. This was an unusual project for us as we request to work with one decision-maker from every client company. Having multiple stakeholders usually slows the process significantly. 

Our design team created over 20 versions of a logo, each narrowing down elements until we landed on the final logo. 

Keeping the end audience – technology companies – in mind, each logo took certain characteristics into consideration:

  • Simplicity: we narrowed down the logos until we had the perfect two colors (which could transpose depending on the background).
  • Global: our client wanted to represent a well-rounded capability, and also their global standing.
  • Technology: we looked for elements of design to represent the industry so that viewers could recognize the industry when viewing the logo. 

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