MDC Branding

In 2021 Magnificent Differences Consulting hired us to capture the character of their effervescent CEO. 

While our copywriters created the content for their website, our designers got to work on the brand. The request was to look at the FedEx logo with the arrow and integrate something similarly clever into the MDC logo. Our design team took the letters from the company acronym and made the bird logo, giving the impression of launching. As a staffing and HR organization this vision fits perfectly.  

As usual, we offered our client three options for branding and the opportunity to choose one, or offer comments so that we might refine the design. We always offer clients three rounds of feedback and so far have not needed to exceed that number. MDC chose one of the first options we delivered as is – without any tweaks or changes. From their choice, we developed a Brand Standards Manual including logo versions, font choices, and imagery for use on websites, social media, and printed collateral. 

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