Spectra360 Social Media

Starting in 2018, Spectr360 turned to our social media team to update their social profiles (at the time they included Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). We revamped each profile with the new brand (which we also created for them) and began a posting ritual to each of these sites daily. We post about their company in order to attract new recruits and build credibility, we post open jobs and events, and interesting information about the industry. Finally, we share weekly blog posts and two monthly newsletters. 

In 2018, we added each of the many locations to Facebook and began management of the CEO’s LinkedIn page.

In 2019, we added Instagram and Indeed as well as Yelp! and Google Jobs to the portfolio. We also began a campaign of reaching out through social groups to encourage a new group of followers.

Our daily posts have boosted the company’s credibility as well as the traffic to their website. We are able to confirm that their social media is now bringing new business to the company. 

Take a look for yourself:

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