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November 8, 2022



Great news! Abask is now a MailChimp-certified email marketing agency!!! We love email marketing here and think you should too. Here are a few reasons you should add emails to your marketing strategy:

It’s one of the best ways to not lose leads.

Once you get an email from a lead, you can keep in touch, reminding them of why they should choose you. If someone leaves your site with something in their cart, you can email them to remind them of what’s in their cart.

It’s really engaging!

Those abandoned cart emails can have a 44.1% open rate and almost a third of clicks lead to recovered sales! This engagement is some of the highest in the marketing world and it’s why emails are so great.

It allows for targeted and personalized messaging.

The reason why emails are so engaging is that it’s really easy to target people in each section of the marketing funnel. (learn about that) Meeting people where they are is one of the biggest challenges in marketing. Social media targets awareness, for example, but it takes time to drive sales specifically. You can make specific email lists to target awareness, evaluation, or retention.

It’s timely.

This can be one of the best methods to communicate sales or giveaways. Most people check their inbox daily, so they’ll see a sale email within a day of you sending it.

It’s really cost-effective.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of email marketing is its affordability. They’re significantly easier to produce than a tik-tok, which requires hours of videos and editing and 3-5 posts a day to stay in line with the algorithm.

It’s more reliable and secure than social media.

Social media platforms have been known to shut down pages, without warning, and without any course of action. It’s almost impossible to contact anyone about an issue on Facebook or Instagram, but your email list is owned by you. It cannot be taken away from you. Email also reaches email inboxes and sits there until read. Social media continues to scroll, meaning a message that took an hour to create will only be seen by people that a) follow you, b) have engaged with one of your messages recently, c) are online at the time you post.

You can track your list as they navigate through your website.

When you gain a new follower through your website, you can see every time they return to your site, which pages they review, and what interests them most. Now, you can build a personalized message just for John.

You can automate most of your messages.

Send a message to each new customer, another when they abandon their shopping cart, another when they download your case study, one that delivers at the perfect time for your client (even though that’s the middle of the night for you), and another two weeks from Tuesday if they open your previous message within 2 hours of sending… ok, that last might be extreme, but it is possible! We can set up messages dependent on actions, time, or just cos! And they can all be automated in a million different ways. So, while your email team is working on the next big thing, the last big thing has not been forgotten and left to rot.

That was a lot to throw at you, and that’s not even all the advantages of email marketing. To learn more about how we build an email marketing campaign at Abask and how it can help your company specifically schedule a free consultation today!

We’re so excited to share this news with you and help you grow your business with email marketing. It’s one of our favorite things to add to a well-rounded marketing strategy, and we want to share it with you!


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