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Daily LinkedIn Must-Dos for Recruiters

February 28, 2024


Every recruiter holds the power to craft their success story. It’s not just about scouting for the right talent but also about how you position yourself in the digital realm. In the busy world of LinkedIn, your activities can set you apart, turning the platform into a goldmine for opportunities.

At Abask Marketing, we grow LinkedIn Company Pages for staffing agencies, and we are often the folks behind their C-level employee posts, too. In one year, we grew profile followings by 682% on average. We did this without spending one cent on advertising.

Here are the five things we recommend doing EVERY day on LinkedIn in order to amplify your presence and effectiveness as a recruiter on LinkedIn.

Selfie Time with a Twist

Imagine starting your day not just with a cup of coffee but with a selfie that speaks volumes. Yes, that’s right! A selfie on LinkedIn, coupled with a thought-provoking post, can work wonders.

This isn’t just about showing off your new outfit or office background; it’s about adding a personal touch to your professional persona. Do NOT overanalyze or spend too much time on this. It’s about making a connection with your followers and being yourself. If you already have a photo that you can share, skip the day’s selfie, but don’t skip the post.

Post daily. Tell your followers about your day, write about your open jobs or do something that frustrates you about the industry you are targeting. Again, don’t spend too much time. You’re building a habit, not writing the Great American Novel.

Finish your caption with a question. You want engagement, right? So, ask a question, and you might get an answer!

Now, before you hit post, tag your company’s page. (Use the @ symbol and start typing the company name)


  1. By tagging your company, you’re showcasing your workplace culture.
  2. You are also inviting engagement from an audience that may not yet know you.
  3. If your company is treating the Company Page right, they will repost your content, and LinkedIn will believe you are more important than it thought you were five minutes ago!

This strategy is about fostering a community vibe.

Share and Care in Your Niche Groups

Once you’ve crafted that perfect post, the next step is to share it where it matters most.

LinkedIn groups are like the bustling marketplaces of your target audience, brimming with potential candidates and industry insights. By sharing your post in these groups, you’re essentially walking into a room full of potential connections, ready to engage in meaningful conversations. This is your opportunity to shine as a thought leader, to be that recruiter who doesn’t just seek talent but also contributes value. It’s about extending your reach and making your presence known in the corners where your ideal candidates hang out.

CAVEAT: Do not share this in a group full of recruiters. They are not your target audience. Your target audience is a job seeker working in healthcare, or technology, or logistics.

Engage with Your Company’s Content

Your company’s LinkedIn page is a treasure trove of content waiting to be amplified by its employees. As a recruiter, engaging with this content by commenting can significantly boost its visibility and credibility. But it’s not just about any comment; it’s about adding insightful, meaningful input that sparks further discussion. And likes are not cutting it! Your company needs comments, reposts, and click-throughs to get the boost they’re hoping for from LinkedIn.

This shows that you’re not just an employee but an advocate for your company’s mission and values. It’s a subtle yet powerful way of attracting talent by demonstrating your active involvement and passion for your workplace.

What if you’re not loving the company?

I hear ya, but by helping them out, you’re promoting your own worth, too.

Dive Into Discussions with Thought Leaders

LinkedIn is teeming with articles and expert posts that are goldmines of knowledge and inspiration. You can leverage these!

LinkedIn loves to talk about hiring news, and who is better to comment on that than you? NO ONE, that’s who!

Check the LinkedIn News on your homepage. (it looks like this 👇)

Daily LinkedIn Must-Dos for Recruiters

FInd an article that your target audience might read. (always remind yourself that you’re not in the “recruiting” industry, you’re in the “health care” or “technology” or “logistics” industry)

Open it up, hit Share.

Choose Repost to Feed, and write your opinion as a caption.

Now Share, and you’ve just started your journey as a thought leader!

Congrats Young Jedi!

This is about engaging in the larger conversation, showing that you’re not just looking for talent but are also deeply invested in the growth and evolution of the industry you serve. It’s your chance to be seen as a recruiter who values knowledge and continuous learning.

Work on Your Personal Branding

Behind every successful recruiter on LinkedIn is a strong personal brand. It’s the sum of your daily interactions, the content you share, and the discussions you engage in. Building a personal brand doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistent effort, it becomes your signature in the digital world. It’s about being authentic, showing up every day, and connecting with your audience in a way that resonates. As a recruiter, your personal brand is not just about who you are but also about the values and culture of the company you represent. It’s your most powerful tool in attracting the right talent and building lasting relationships.

One More For Luck: 🍀

Comment on the post of an industry thought leader or a target client. Tag them in your comment, and thank them for the post.


LinkedIn is more than just a professional networking site; it’s a dynamic platform where recruiters can showcase their personality, expertise, and values. By integrating these five daily activities into your routine, you’re not just doing your job; you’re elevating your presence and making meaningful connections. It’s about being proactive, engaging, and, most importantly, genuine.


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