When you’re not sure where to focus, we will be your guide.

If your company is less than five years old or has less than five employees, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Let us help you.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. There are so many risks, and so much to do and it feels like it all needs to be done today. Most businesses fail before they reach the five-year mark and all entrepreneurs have floundering moments where they question their motivation and their abilities. One of the main reasons for this floundering is the simple act of keeping up. That’s where we help.

We have two ways of working with fledgling companies and entrepreneurs.

1. We offer training in various areas of marketing and public relations. Our courses are simple. We provide step by step tutorials for all aspects of marketing and PR, including setting up your brand, deciding where to spend your time, strategies for reaching new leads and turning them into clients. To access our classes, click here.

2. We can build your marketing for you, piece by piece. Most of our entrepreneur clients start with branding and website development, but some are looking for help with social media or copywriting. No matter what your need, the easiest way to get started is by setting up a free 30-minute consultation with our CMO on Demand, Rebecca Batisto. Go here to book your consultation.

As a business owner, parent and wife, I don’t always have the time to focus on marketing my own company. Abask does an excellent job of learning about my business and my target clients and then creating a custom road map to my company’s marketing success.

Ariana Toro
Owner, Del Toro Designs


For our entrepreneur, solopreneur and freelance clients, we offer several ways of working with us. If you prefer to learn how we do it, so that you can do it yourself, we have classes and downloads. If you’re truly overwhelmed and ready to invest so that you can hit the ground running, let’s start with a one-on-one consultation. We will buld a strategy for you and help you to implement as much or as little as you wish. By starting our relationship with a full strategy, we build an understanding of your team and the way you work with clients. We analyze your current standing in the marketplace and understand where you hope to be at the end of our project, or through the long run. Then we can design and implement multiple, customized pathways to get you there.

Both options for you are versatile, affordable and as customized as you choose.

Our job is to promote you, engage with your clients and bring in more sales. We don’t just make you look and sound good. We go further. Each endeavor and campaign we create is based upon a personalized sales funnel we developed in collaboration with our clients’ efforts.

If you would like to see the process in action, contact us for case studies.






Curious how much we charge? Click here to see our rate card.

Rebecca is an effective communicator and she strives to first understand your business. Her recommendations are always spot on and she’ll keep you posted on progress every step of the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again or recommend her to someone else!

Ted Stout
Owner, Denson & Associates

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