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How A Freelancer Can Stand Out in 2021

May 5, 2021


In 2021, many people have had to find a new way to make money after being laid off due to COVID. Many college graduates came out of college in 2020 with no prospects and decided to go it alone. Over the past twelve months, the world has seen an influx of new content creators, whether it’s Tik Tok ingenues making hip hop videos in their basement, or bloggers writing for corporations, the competition is strong. So, how will you stand apart from the competition?


Be as endearing as Forrest Gump.


One thing we’ve seen since the start of 2021 is a feeling of urgency and exhaustion. Many of the companies we work with are feeling the squeeze from 2020’s slower economy. The push has made some people make rash decisions without proper planning. Keeping your head straight, staying optimistic, being brave enough to speak up or ask the necessary questions, and bounce back time after time if you get push back from clients. These are the things that will help clients come back to work with you every time. 


Be as reliable as Batman.


It’s amazing to me and my colleagues that so many people will lose a contract for simply not showing up! Don’t over-promise on deadlines, keep expectations realistic and follow through on everything you promised and you’ll beat about 50% of your competition!


Be as organized as a Marie Kondo drawer



Send follow-up emails, offer additional options, send news clippings and tips, and never, ever forget a birthday! Think of all clients or potential clients the way your grandmother always wanted you to; thank you cards and all! 


Be as authentic as David Rose.


You do you and know your worth.


2021 is an odd little year where we are all desperately trying to act like everything’s perfectly normal. It’s not! But, you can still be successful this year. Need more copywriting help? Sign up for our copywriting coaching series and get a weekly action item to get more clients. Sign up now: Copywriting Coaching


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