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Keywords that Attract Recruiters

January 3, 2022


keywords to attract RECRUITERS

Hiring is difficult across all industries, including the very industry in charge of hiring! Recruiters are in high demand right now and the best recruiters are taking their pick of the jobs laid out before them. Knowing this, it’s imperative that all staffing firms do all that they can to get as many applicants to their jobs as possible.

Let’s look at the keywords that will help you to attract recruiters to your job posts.

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How Do You Use Keywords?

Keywords are used to help search engines like Google to understand what your sites, posts, and pages are about. So that, when someone Googles a phrase or word, Google can deliver all pages that might be relevant.

There’s a lot that goes into keywords, but for now, let’s keep it super simple with the two most basic things you need to know:

Use the keyword(s) about five times on the page.

Google thinks using the keyword too many times means you are trying to scam search engines so it won’t list your content. If you use it too little Google will think the keyword is not very important, so it will not list your content. As Goldilocks says, “5 times is just right!”

Use the keyword in your title, one subtitle, and in your excerpt.

Have a keyword (or phrase), but think through every word carefully.

You’ll have one keyword to bring in all recruiters and other keywords to entice recruiters that would be good for your job specifically. When choosing your main keyword, think about the things that your ideal recruiter would be searching for. So, “Now Hiring Recruiters!” would be a great place to start, but once you have them on the page, you’ll need other keywords highlighted that will help them determine quickly whether they want to apply for the job.

Which keywords are working for recruiters in 2022?

Keywords are meant to attract applicants, but they also have the equally-amazing ability to turn away the wrong applicants. You don’t need to be wasting time interviewing and vetting people that aren’t in the right location, or have particular needs that you can’t meet, or are not even qualified. In short, keywords bring in more recruiters and start weeding out the duds for you!


In 2021, 70% of recruiters stated they want to work remotely. “Remote Recruiter Wanted!” is a great title for a social post because it showcases who you are looking for, what you’re offering, and where. If your position is not remote, list the location at the top of the job post.


How many years of experience are needed? If you need 5 years of experience for this job and that’s listed nice and clear close to the top of the page, it’s very likely that your job post will pop up when someone Googles “Recruiter job in Vegas with 5 years of experience.”

Any software experience that’s a plus should also be listed. Having a list of Needs and Wants on your job post helps the cream of the crop rise to the top.


Are you looking for a technology recruiter? A creative recruiter? Logistics recruiter? Health care recruiter? This is vital information. Someone may love working with creatives, but not have any experience in blue-collar recruiting. That makes a big difference as the learning curve is huge when it comes to switching industries.

Watch your wording here. I recently saw a listing for a “technical recruiter” when the job post should be for a “technology recruiter.” Those are two different job posts entirely; the first means a recruiter with technical experience (perhaps needed to manage the recruiting database?) and the second is a recruiter working with employees and job seekers in the technology industry.


Most job posts do not include salary, but if you are able to include it (even a range), you’ll see your applications skyrocket. Not only does it tell applicants whether or not to apply, but it also tells applicants that the hiring company is open and upfront. This is an excellent way to start working with a new teammate.

2022 is a tough time to hire, but there are plenty of people looking for jobs. So, to get good recruiters in seats, use all the resources at your disposal. Abask Marketing helps recruiting firms to market their services. We understand that you need to target more than one audience: clients and candidates, and that the culture of staffing companies is different than others. For decades, we have created marketing strategies that help bring in more leads, more talent, and more recruiters. Want to know if we could help you? Book a free consultation now: www.abaskmarketing.com/schedule


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