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Project Magi: Google’s Big News!

April 26, 2023



Project Magi: Google's Big News!

Google reportedly has a big team of developers working toward a new search engine on Project Magi. Google says the latest search engine is designed to create a better user experience. Here is how they plan to do it and what marketers should know about the new and improved platform.

The Goal of Project Magi

The main goal of this project is to integrate Google’s new AI technology, Bard, into its existing search engine. After implementation, this technology will give you more direct and human-like answers to your searches rather than giving you links to follow when searching. This may also be a conversational feature that continuously learns from your previous searches.

The Timeline

Google is very secretive about the timeline of the new search engine and Project Magi, but they have said that they plan to release the version to 1 million users to test. By the end of 2023, that number may grow to 30 million. It appears this initial release will only be available in the US.

Google reportedly has 160 people working full-time on Project Magi, and developers and company leaders are in a “sprint” to get it released as quickly as possible.

What Project Magi Means for Marketers

While Bard doesn’t integrate ads, search engine marketers aren’t going away for a few reasons. First, ads are Google’s primary source of revenue, so the company has to keep integrating ads into the search engine. Second, SEO is more important than ever. Being a high-ranking page is vital for your page to be discovered.

Lastly, Google is planning to build transactions into the new search engine. The user experience is going to be much smoother, and they will no longer have to leave the site to buy items. Ad models may change from a cost-per-click to a cost-per-acquisition model, which will improve the user and seller experience. Websites will likely become less critical for sales, and search engine advertising will become more important.

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