Rebecca Amesbury, the Untangled Writer

Stories to Float your Boat

Kiss The Boys

One week later at her class Halloween party, I traveled from table to table cutting out Frankenstein’s hair for each of the 20 five-year-olds that each felt the need to tell me that my daughter had kissed Daniel on the lips. Every child in her class. Plus the children in her brother’s class. My child is THAT girl. And did she care? Not at all. Not even an eyebrow raise or a scowl. It was factual information. Nothing more. The sun rose. Arabella kissed Daniel. The sun set. Done.

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Jack’s Dog

This story was originally published in Fort Lauderdale Magazine Chelsea was my first dog. The first dog that belonged to me and me alone at 21 years old. We hung out, we talked, we got drunk and made up ditties. OK, I did that, but she was right there with me. We went...

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Fort Lauderdale is for Entrepreneurs

I am high off the recent experience that was the Women Empower Expo (WEX). The gathering of hopeful female entrepreneurs is a break from the normal networking events I experience. Being a copywriter that works within the more masculine construction, recruiting, and...

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Book Report: Big Magic

You read this book and you will feel all froufrou and warm inside. So you will sit down to meditate and be in touch with the world’s cosmic energy. While you’re sitting there waiting for a sign, you’ll start thinking about the laundry. Might as well do a load of laundry rather than sit here, so you’ll do a load of laundry while you wait for the cosmos to visit…

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Book Report: Creativity, Inc.

I listened to the Audiobook version of Creativity, Inc. I always wonder who picks the readers for this. When your business is making movies, why would you choose a guy that sounds like Winston Churchill chewing toffees to read your book? It was a tough listen. Incidentally, the word “human” is said Hew-man, not Yu-man. Just sayin’

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