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The Website Accessibility Law You Need To Know

October 16, 2023


Having an accessible website is crucial in the digital age.

In today’s digital age, websites are gateways to a wealth of information, products, and services. However, not all internet users have the same ease of access when navigating these virtual spaces. To ensure equality, certifying that your website is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities, is a moral obligation and a legal requirement. 

Let’s explore the importance of having an accessible website and why compliance with accessibility laws is paramount in promoting inclusivity and equal access for all. Are you worried about making your website accessible? Read on and learn about Accessibe, a simple tool that makes your website accessible for everyone.

Understanding Website Accessibility

Web accessibility is developing and designing websites to guarantee equal access and opportunity for people with disabilities. Disabilities, including visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive impairments, can vary widely. An accessible website accommodates these differences by providing alternative ways to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the web content. Abask is a proud partner with Accessibe, which seeks to do just that: make every website accessible for all. 

The Legal Imperative

Several countries, including the United States (under the Americans with Disabilities Act) and the European Union (under the Web Accessibility Directive), have enacted laws that mandate website accessibility. These laws require businesses and organizations to make their digital platforms accessible to everyone. Non-compliance may cause legal consequences, including fines and lawsuits, emphasizing the importance of adhering to these regulations. Are you worried your website doesn’t stick to the rules? Accessibe has an efficient 2-minute installation and works on any WordPress system. It’s never been easier to make your website accessible.   

Equal Opportunities

Website accessibility benefits all users, not just those with disabilities. Clean and intuitive design elements, such as descriptive alt text for images and logical navigation structures, enhance user experience for everyone. By ensuring that your website is accessible, you tap into a broader audience base. People with disabilities denote a significant market share, and an inclusive website can attract and retain these users. 

Positive Reputation

As a brand, you can demonstrate social responsibility with website accessibility. It portrays an inclusive image, fostering positive relationships with customers, clients, and partners. Businesses that prioritize accessibility build trust and loyalty among consumers. When users have positive experiences, they are more likely to engage with the brand, leading to long-term customer relationships.


As you can see, the importance of a compliant and accessible website cannot be overstated. But is it easier said than done? Depending on the website’s size, it can take months for an accessibility audit to fix your website. Although the cost to make your website compliant will vary (depending on the current state, what accommodations are already in place, and the size of your website), it typically starts at around $3,500. This price might make you balk, but remember, you must legally have website accessibility. That’s where Accessibe comes in. Their vision is to make the Internet accessible to everyone in an affordable fashion. Accessibe can be installed on any website platform and works with WordPress. It only takes 2-minutes to install, and plans start at $49 monthly. 

The significance of having an accessible website cannot be overstated. It is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions and reflects a commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities for all Internet users. By ensuring compliance with accessibility laws, businesses and organizations avoid legal repercussions and foster positive relationships, enhance their reputations, and broaden their audience reach. Accessibe is here to help websites become compliant quickly and affordably. Check out www.accessibe.com to learn more, and sign up for a free 7-day trial today.



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