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10 Reasons To Hire Abask Marketing

Why should you hire Abask Marketing?

Well, how do you pick a marketing agency?
If you’re like most people, you likely do a Google search and call the first one that comes up. Easy, yes. But it’s not the best way to find the best marketing match for your business! 

At Abask Marketing, we work extraordinarily hard to build strong relationships with our clients over the years. In that time, we’ve put pillars into place, and we believe we can offer your business unparalleled service when it comes to developing and executing a marketing strategy. Here are 10 reasons to hire Abask Marketing:


24/7/365 Service

If you’re facing a marketing emergency, the last thing you want to hear is a recorded message saying, “Hi! Sorry, we’re not in today. If you’d like to leave your name and number, we might get back to you at some point in the indefinite future!”

When one of our clients calls Abask Marketing, they’re going to get an answer. We offer 24/7 service 365 days of the year. That means updates on your social media pages on Christmas Day, blogs posted on Easter, and special offers released Thanksgiving night. No matter what your emergency, you can count on us to be there for you, day or night! 


Less Overhead Costs

Do you know the best tool to manage Instagram? How about email marketing? Or graphic design? Is your website backed up and updated consistently? How do you measure SEO? Are all of the images used on your website licensed for you? 

When it comes to marketing, there are many moving parts, with dozens of different tools to do the same job. Figuring out which ones are the best fit for your needs can be both expensive and time-consuming. 

But when you work with Abask Marketing, all of our tools are fully integrated. That means we can offer bulk pricing with all the brands we manage. It not only makes things much more comfortable, but it also results in fewer overhead costs. 


Expertise for Every Need

What are your digital marketing needs? Is a new website on the wish list? Are you speaking to clients and sharing your latest news, specials, and events? Or do you need content creators who can generate top-level copywriting and professional graphics?

At Abask Marketing, we have award-winning designers, content creators, webmasters, and copywriters on our team, ready to provide whatever you need. We also have SEO experts, email experts, web developers, video experts… In other words, no matter what branch of digital marketing you want to explore with your business, we have the people who can help you! 

And it comes to you at one cost with no expensive overhead, like training, insurance, or office space. 


Original and Personalized Content

Go to any random website and take a look at their blogs. Chances are that they are so generic that you could switch them out with a blog from almost any other site, and no one would even notice. They are unoriginal and, frankly, boring. 

At Abask Marketing, everything we write is 100% original. When our clients ask us for content, they will get content specifically tailored for them and their audience. Our rhetorical background kicks in, and you get blog posts that speak the same language as your clients, with search engine optimization included in every blog. 

In our opinion, generic marketing copy is almost as bad as no copy at all! 


A Marketing Service that Aligns with Your Sales Goals

One of the reasons many marketing strategies fail is that they aren’t actually aligned with the company’s sales goals.

When you work with Abask, we will be asking you a TON of questions about your business. It isn’t just because we are curious (we ARE, but that’s not why.) We take a holistic approach to every client so that we can see how each caption we write and every word on their website will support the company’s continued growth. 

We want to know your goals because that’s how we create a marketing campaign tailored to you and your business. If we know your sales goals, we can create a campaign designed to help you reach them. 

[bctt tweet=”One of the reasons why many marketing strategies fail is that they aren’t actually aligned with the company’s sales goals.” username=”abaskmktg”]


Friendly Service

We think there is a difference between “service with a smile” and genuinely friendly service.

Anyone can slap a smile on their face and pretend to be interested in your problems. But at Abask Marketing, we genuinely care. Being “friendly” is much more than just a buzzword; it’s imperative for us. 

We are so invested in your success that it shows. We don’t churn through clients like some agencies. We still work with the same client that was our first client ever. 

That means if you call us day or night, you will be speaking with someone who wants to talk with you. That can make a huge difference when trying to figure out a problem, like how to build a brand that employees want to represent. 

[bctt tweet=”Anyone can slap a smile on their face and pretend to be interested in your problems. But at Abask Marketing, we genuinely care. Being “friendly” is much more than just a buzzword; it’s imperative for us.” username=”abaskmktg”]


Licensed Stock Images at No Extra Cost

It’s the little, hidden costs that can get to you in marketing.

Building a comprehensive social media marketing campaign can take quite a while, requiring high-level copywriting with an eye on engaging with your followers. But that’s only the beginning. To go along with that copy, you need graphics. 

“No problem,” you might think, “I’ll just grab some images online.” The problem is that to get outstanding images, you need to pay for them. And purchasing the licenses for those images can be surprisingly expensive. Before working with us, one of our clients was slapped with a lawsuit for over $12,000 after using images they grabbed from Google Images.

You never need to worry about that with Abask. We offer licensed stock images to our clients at no extra cost. It’s just another little bonus that we share with our clients!

[bctt tweet=”It’s the little, hidden costs that can get to you in marketing. ” username=”abaskmktg”]


An Actual Person to Answer Your Questions

Nothing makes a customer want to hang up the phone faster than getting put on with a bot.

In an ideal world, bots help customers navigate their problems without waiting on hold for a real person. The reality, though, is that bots are… kinda dumb. You ask them something, and they reply with a pre-programmed response that does nothing to answer your question. In the end, you feel more frustrated than you were when you first called.

That’s something we want to avoid at all costs at Abask Marketing. When you call us, you’re going to get an ACTUAL person on the line who will do whatever they can to answer your question. No more trying to navigate through conversations with bots that barely understand what you mean. Instead: personalized service. 


A Fully-Invested Team

Speaking of personalized service, that’s another reason why you would want to hire Abask Marketing.

To save on costs, many other marketing agencies utilize staffing agencies to provide them with workers. While this can be a cost-efficient way to get your workforce, you are unlikely to end up with a team of people fully invested in your business.

That’s why Abask is built like a wheel. Our small team is the hub, with other entrepreneurs serving as our spokes. When you need a new logo, we reach out to our amazing logo designer friend. We know he is fast and talented beyond belief. When you need a web designer, we have a different spoke for that. She designs with your client in mind, and search engines always in consideration. The spokes of our wheel are numerous, tested, trusted, and talented.

Our clients have enjoyed this methodology because each of our spokes has an entrepreneurial spirit. That means your problems are their problems. They aren’t just here to pick up a paycheck. They fully believe in our mission to provide you with the highest level of personalized service!


Awards for Your Company that Improve Credibility and Extend Your Reach

Has your business ever won any awards? No? Well, that might be because you haven’t been looking for one!

One of the unusual services we offer at Abask is to research awards that your business might qualify for. Having an award listed on your website is a fantastic way to improve your credibility and extend your reach to entirely new customers. These awards also build upon your company culture and create employee pride that reduces turnover. 

We will not only research but also apply for awards on behalf of your company. Even better, once you win an award, we can use that in your future marketing campaigns, further boosting your business! 

Hire Abask Marketing Now!

These are only some of the reasons to hire Abask Marketing. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it be content creation, website design, public relations, copywriting, video editing, audio, or more, we can help. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us today for a free consultation! There are so many reasons to hire Abask Marketing, and we can’t wait for you to discover them personally! 



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