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The Different LinkedIn Post Types and Which Engages More People

January 6, 2023


LinkedIn Post Types

Now that the data from 2022 is in, we can see how the algorithm has affected creators and marketers in the last year. Here are the LinkedIn Post Types that performed the best in 2022 and what you should integrate into your content calendar. 

Text Posts

These are the posts you expect to see on Twitter, but LinkedIn creators are finding more engagement with them lately. One creator found that almost half of his most popular posts of 2021 were text posts. 

One great way to get more engagement for text posts is to add something for the audience. You can ask a question, tell a heartwarming story, or write something provoking. These are all great ways to increase engagement and add to your content calendar. 


At Abask, we’re big fans of newsletters, and we love that one of the LinkedIn Post Types is a newsletter feature! LinkedIn Newsletters is a great opportunity to incorporate long-form content into the platform, which usually doesn’t perform well on the platform. You can create newsletters from a Company Page or a personal profile. 


If you want to write articles without frequency, instead of setting up a newsletter, you can share an article. It’s a useful tool for sharing individually into groups, but the newsletter is better for keeping in touch with your team, or potential clients because they will be notified every time you post.

LinkedIn Post Types Inside the Text Box

When you click in the “Start a post” box, you’ll see a text box and a series of icons below it. These are the options inside the text box.

Inside the text box



These are great ways to get your audience to respond to a post. It doesn’t ask much of them besides their opinion, making it a great way to boost engagement. Here is a guide to how to make a good poll on LinkedIn. 


LinkedIn is a more professional social platform. Because of this, you should be sharing documents, like flyers, or presentations. And LInkedIn LOVES when you do this. To share a document, simply click in the “Start a post” box and you’ll see a series of icons pop up at the bottom of your text box. The third icon is a text icon and scrolling over it brings up “Add a document.” This is where you share your flyers and your presentations. 


Along the same lines, you can also post infographics or other images using the image icon. This is a great place to add employee photos and celebrate them as employees on your team. 


And that leads right into celebrations. LinkedIn has a fun way of helping you to recognize your connections. When an employee is celebrating an anniversary, use the celebrate post to tag them and make it truly special. 


Don’t have employees? LinkedIn has you covered! You can boost your own job listings by using the LinkedIn hiring notices. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s super effective!


It probably doesn’t need stating, but there’s also the ability to post videos. These are always stand out pieces for your audience, although they take a little longer to create. 


Why use the different LinkedIn Post Types? 

The social platform rewards users for posting through these tools. You can’t use them from a scheduling platform, like CoSchedule. You have to be on th eplatform itself to use them, which is exactly where LinkedIn wants you! So, as a reward for spending time on their platform and using the tools, they will serve your content to more people. 


At Abask, we offer 2 levels of social media scheduling. The first is posting through CoSchedule and offering your clients and employees with valuable content that attracts people to your site. The second includes a social media community manager. This amazing individual spends time directly on LinkedIn, posting using the LInkedIn tools, interacting with your leads and potential employees, answering direct messages, and boosting engaging content. The social media community manager will increase traffic to your sites and bring in more leads. 


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