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What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business?

January 20, 2023


What does your logo say?

A logo gives your business its brand identity, so it’s vital to portray your core values through your logo. Here is what the elements of your logo can convey and how to utilize them to tell your business’s story. 


Color and psychology have been studied for years, and it’s well understood that some colors have a known emotion attached to them. Marketing and logos also have a strong connection to psychology, and we should use our understanding of psychology to influence our marketing and logos. Here is what colors say to the viewer:

  • Red- Red is a strong color associated with strong emotion, whether it’s love or fear. 
  • Orange- this is often associated with prosperity and warmth.
  • Yellow- yellow is cheery and enthusiastic. 
  • Green- green is synonymous with nature, so think of growth or tranquility. Green can also be associated with envy or money.
  • Blue- like green, blue can be two-fold. It is associated with calmness and loyalty but can also be cold or uncaring.
  • Purples- purple is the color of royalty and prosperity.
  • Neutrals- these are often seen as reliable or timeless.

The colors you choose for your logo should be considered before you start the rest. Make sure all your elements are consistent; if your messaging is warm or inviting, use a warm color. 

Some other things to consider when designing a logo:

What colors are standard within your industry?
You want to represent your industry correctly, but find a way to stand out from competitors. For example, navy blue can be considered a very safe color. Adding a bright green and using an animal within the logo adds vibrancy and character. 

Are you using graphics that convey the right character?
Believe it or not, people will read into your logo and believe it represents the character of your company. For example, swooshes of any kind convey speed, circles convey complete services rather than a “one and done” campaign, and animals convey character. 


Fun fact, fonts have psychology behind them too! Once you see it and the brands associated with each font, it’s pretty intuitive. Here are six major font categories, the brands they’re associated with, and what they say about the brand:  

  • Serifs- New York Times, Time; Sarif fonts are the most traditional, which conveys feelings of trust, formality, and heritage. 
  • Slab serif- Honda, Sony; these fonts feel bold, confident, and innovative.
  • Sans serif- Chanel, Microsoft; these are the more modern serif fonts; they’re cleaner than the previous two.
  • Scripts- Coca-cola; they often feel elegant and invoke creativity. Script fonts are often seen on brands marketed towards women, so some say it’s more feminine. 
  • Modern fonts- Hulu, Facebook; this one is broad! These are very legible fonts and invoke feelings of trendiness and style.
  • Decorative fonts- Disney, lego; here’s another broad one. These fonts are very unique to the company that makes them, so you can make them translate what you want. Twirly fonts and fun like Disney are often marketed towards kids because they’re more engaging. 


Graphics are where you can have the most fun and what can make your logo stand out. Graphics are an important part of your logo and, when used correctly, can make your logo much more engaging. Not all logos need to have a graphic, and it depends on the other elements you’re using. For example, it can be overwhelming for a consumer to have a graphic and messaging. Consistency should also be considered; If you want to convey a timeless or traditional feeling for your brand, a graphic can be conflicting with this idea. 


Messaging in your logo should also maintain consistency. Nike’s logo, for example, is their signature black swoosh graphic with the words “just do it” under it. The black, simple logo is bold and confident, and the message “just do it” under further that message. Nike has a legendary logo for a good reason; Nike’s team made a consistent and recognizable logo that represents their brand well. 

Making a good logo can be incredibly difficult without the expertise behind branding. If you need a new logo or brand package, visit https://buy.stripe.com/14k4iU8rOgTt824aEK to get help from the experts. 


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