January 19, 2021
January 19, 2021
Maybe the most common question I hear is, “Should I start a blog?”

The simple answer is, “Yes!”

I’ll go into the why behind my answer in just a moment, but here’s my caveat: If you are inundated with business, and you are finding it hard to keep up, then you might want to take a time out. Figuring out your work process is more important for you right now because that will allow you to maintain a blog post regularly. If your work process is confusing or nonexistent, and you don’t have new clients coming in, you might need to outsource the entire marketing process. If that’s the case, you don’t need this blog; you need a consultation! Book some time with me, and I will build a marketing strategy and budget to reach new clients. Book that consultation for free by clicking here: https://calendly.com/abask/

How much does a blog cost

Why Blog? How Does a Blog Improve Business?

By Increasing Search Rankings

Google ranks businesses that blog regularly higher than those that don’t. The reason is at least two-fold:

  1. Google reads your blog and sees that there is consistent new content. This means that your business could be served to those searching for businesses like yours over and over because the searcher may not have read your new content.
  2. Google reads your blog and picks up on the keywords (hopefully, you are writing the blog correctly!) and starts to better understand what you do. This helps Google to deliver your website when your target audience searches for businesses like you.

An example to answer “Why Blog?”

I search for “real estate investing in Ontario, Canada.”

On the first page of search results, I find “Regalway Homes.”

Regalway provides readers with consistent blog posts around the topic of “real estate investing in Ontario, Canada.” Google will also register that more people are clicking that link and take this to mean that it’s a helpful link for that category. Google will continue to move it up in search ranking.

By Reaching More People

As you can see in the example above, improving your search rankings will automatically mean that you’ll reach more people. You will also reach more people because you are increasing the keywords for which you are listed.

An Example

Regalway Homes may be ranked fourth on the list of Google search results for “real estate investing in Ontario, Canada” By consistently writing and posting blogs, Google will pick up other keywords or phrases, such as “first-time home investor.” The likelihood of someone finding Regalway Homes just increased! The more writing you do, the more likely you are to reach new people.

One of our clients has a good Google ranking and reaches 45,000 searchers over a 28-day span. Nearly 11,000 of those searched for a keyword listed in the blog posts.

Google ranking of direct searches versus strangers.

Google ranking of direct searches versus strangers.

By Improving Credibility

When was the last time you made a purchase without doing some research?

We all research everything because we can. And when we research, we listen to the experts in their field. Like him or not, Anthony Fauci is the expert on infectious diseases. Whether you are running the country’s health institution or selling real estate, becoming THE expert at one thing makes you most likely to become to go-to for that one thing.

How do you become an expert?

You practice.
Becoming an expert means practicing for hours, days, weeks, years, and decades. It is imperative to commit for the long-term if you want to be considered an expert.
According to The Talent Code: 

With the same amount of practice, the long-term-commitment group outperformed the short-term-commitment group by 400 percent. The long-term-commitment group, with a mere twenty minutes of weekly practice, progressed faster than the short-termers who practiced for an hour and a half. When long-term commitment combined with high levels of practice, skills skyrocketed.

But becoming an expert is still not enough. You have to be an expert, and you have to be known as the expert.

By blogging, you are building credibility with clients. You can be considered an expert in your field, and if that wasn’t enough, you are also exhibiting your own consistency. Your tenacity by posting a weekly blog indicates that you are reliable. And that’s a leading indicator of trust.

So, the more you blog, the better you’ll rank, and the more people you reach, and the more followers become clients because they trust you. They know you’re the expert, and they know you are reliable and consistent. So, they continue to click on your posts, which tells Google to rank you higher… and so the engine plugs along.

That’s why you blog.


Rebecca Batisto

Rebecca Amesbury Batisto is a writer and CMO on Demand at Abask Marketing. She writes compelling copy for companies and punchy posts for publications, usually on the topic of growing a business while staying sane. You can learn more about Rebecca here.