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You Should Be Posting Your Blogs on LinkedIn. Here’s Why…

March 12, 2024


You Should Be Posting Your Blogs on LinkedIn. Here's Why...

Hey there, recruiters! Are you looking to expand your reach, engage with a broader audience, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry? Well, guess what? You should be posting your blogs on LinkedIn, and we’re about to tell you exactly why. LinkedIn isn’t only a platform for job seekers and professionals updating resumes. It’s a powerhouse of networking opportunities, industry insights, and, yes, you guessed it, blogging potential. (And here are some daily LinkedIn must-dos for recruiters!

At Abask, we’re obsessed with marketing opportunities to improve your brand and extend your reach. If you’re not leveraging this platform to its fullest extent, you’re missing out on a goldmine of benefits for your recruiting company. 

Access to a Professional Audience 

LinkedIn, with its impressive user base exceeding 1 billion members globally, predominantly comprises professionals. By utilizing this platform to share your blogs, you gain access to an extensive and growing network of potential clients. You also gain access to job candidates and fellow industry professionals actively seeking valuable insights and information. Posting on LinkedIn allows you to tap into this vast pool of individuals, increasing your visibility and engagement within your target audience.

Posting Your Blogs on LinkedIn Brings Brand Awareness

Consistently sharing your expertise through blog posts on LinkedIn serves a dual purpose. It demonstrates your depth of knowledge and elevates brand awareness for your recruiting company. Each blog post you publish presents an opportunity to assert your authority and establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry. This strategic positioning enhances your company’s visibility and fosters trust and credibility among potential clients and candidates. You’re showcasing your expertise and building trust with potential clients and candidates by delivering high-quality content that educates and informs your audiences. While you share valuable insights and engage with your audience, you solidify your reputation as a go-to resource in the recruiting space. This ultimately drives interest and recognition for your brand.

Engagement and Networking Opportunities

LinkedIn serves as a gathering place for professional networking, and leveraging its blogging feature facilitates interactions with your target audience. By sharing valuable content, you create opportunities for engagement, sparking discussions, and fostering connections. Encouraging comments, shares, and conversations enhances your visibility and cultivates relationships that can extend beyond the digital realm. These interactions may pave the way for new connections, collaborations, and even business ventures, ultimately growing your network and opening doors to enticing opportunities within your industry.

SEO Benefits 

When you publish your blogs on LinkedIn, you aim to engage with the platform’s audience and enhance your company’s online presence beyond LinkedIn. This strategy offers substantial Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advantages for your recruiting company’s website. By strategically incorporating links to your website within your LinkedIn posts, you’re directing traffic directly to your site. You are also positively impacting its search engine ranking. Google considers inbound links from reputable sources like LinkedIn to be a signal of credibility and relevance, which can contribute to higher rankings for your website in search results. Therefore, leveraging LinkedIn as a platform to drive traffic back to your website expands your reach and boosts your site’s visibility for search engines.

Opportunities for Lead Generation

LinkedIn offers more than just a platform for content distribution; it’s a robust lead-generation tool for businesses. You can convert your LinkedIn audience into potential clients by strategically integrating calls-to-action (CTAs) within your blog posts. These CTAs prompt readers to take specific actions, such as contacting you for further details or exploring your services. By strategically placing these CTAs, you guide your audience seamlessly through the conversion funnel, turning passive observers into active leads. LinkedIn’s professional environment makes it an ideal platform for nurturing these leads. Users are already in a business mindset, making them more receptive to relevant offers and opportunities. Therefore, by harnessing LinkedIn’s lead generation capabilities and crafting compelling CTAs, you can leverage your blog posts to cultivate valuable connections and drive business growth.

Insights and Analytics

One of the great things about LinkedIn is its built-in analytics tools. It allows you to track the performance of your posts and view your audience’s preferences and behaviors. By monitoring your content’s metrics, you can refine your content strategy and ensure that you’re delivering the most relevant and engaging content to your audience.

So there you have it, recruiters. If you’re not already posting your blogs on LinkedIn, now’s the time to start. With its professional audience, enhanced visibility, networking opportunities, and SEO benefits, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for showcasing your expertise, building your brand, and growing your recruiting business. So what are you waiting for? Start blogging on LinkedIn today and watch your recruiting company soar to new heights!

Do you need help starting your blog? We’re here to help! At Abask, marketing is our game. Whether you require a complete overhaul of your marketing strategies or want to get started, we have your back. Contact us today at Abask Marketing to learn more about how we can help you get started!


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