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Types of Logos and Which Would Work for You!

February 16, 2023


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With all the types of logos to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what to use for your brand. Here’s your guide to all the types of logos to pick from and what kinds of businesses they work from. 


Examples: Coca-Cola, Subway, eBay, West Elm

coke logo - types of logos

Logotypes are logos that are just the name of the company. With these logos, you can have fun with fonts and color, but they’re generally simple and modern. 

These are best for companies with catchy names or companies that depend on name recognition for sales, like those with clear competitors. 


Examples: CNN, NASA, HBO, Louis Vuitton

CNN logo - types of logos

Similar to wordmarks, lettermarks contain the company’s initials. These also give the freedom to get creative with colors and fonts and are seen as more modern logo designs. 

These logos are great for companies with long names and can save you from having many variations in logos to account for the different marketing materials and space available. 


Examples: Apple, Twitter, Target

apple logo - types of logos

The symbol logo is one of the types that will help you differentiate yourself from the competition. An excellent symbol logo is simple, and you can be super creative. A true symbol logo is one with only a picture, so companies that aren’t established and don’t have a recognizable brand identity shouldn’t choose to rely on only symbol logos. 

Abstract Logo Marks

Examples: BP, Pepsi, Adidas

Magnificent Differences Consulting - types of logos

Abstract logos are similar to symbols in that they are images but aren’t always noticeable objects. Abstract marks are more likely to have text with them, making them better for companies without a very established brand identity, but only when you include text. 


Examples: Harley Davidson, Starbucks

starbucks logo - types of logos

Emblems are very recognizable and often unchanging throughout the years. They’re popular among educational institutions but can be great for private businesses or companies in the food industry. They tend to get complicated and can be challenging to print on smaller advertising material, so it’s wise to keep the design simple. 

Mascots or Characters

Examples: KFC, Kool-Aid, Planters Peanuts

Agile ATS - types of logos

Brand mascots are a great way to build a recognizable “face” of your company. With a mascot, you get a logo and brand representative all in one. They’re often suited for brands that hope to attract kids or families and can be great for building an audience. 

Combination Logos

Examples: Lacoste, Doritos, Abask Marketing

abask marketing logo

This is where most logos fall, in the combination category. These logos are the easiest to build a business around; using a symbol along with your name or letters allows you to build brand recognition around that symbol to make future marketing material simpler in the future. 


Great logos are the foundation of a business’s marketing strategy. If you need a new logo but don’t know where to start, Abask has you covered at https://abaskmarketing.com/logo-purchase!


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